100% of the VAT refunded - Payment is a direct commission-based fee

When you organize a conference, a tradeshow or an incentive event in the EU, there are VAT refund opportunities that will enable you to lower your final costs. Our expertise allows event organizers to recover, in most cases, 100% of the VAT incurred on their expenses, and fully comply with European laws and their various national transpositions.


The average VAT rate in the EU is 21%.

This means the cost of your event can be lowered by up to 21%.


In simple terms, the EU's "place of supply" rules specify that VAT for an event is due where the event actually takes place, once admission is charged.

  • Who must register
  • Where does the organizer have to be registered?
  • When does the reverse charge procedure apply (i.e. when is the invoice VAT exempted)?

As a partner to the major international organizers,  BC&A  supports both non-profit associations and professional organizers.

BC&A  combines expertise, responsivenesslocal know-how, with an international presence to:

  • Recover VAT for organizers, arrange exemption / refund for participants
  • Fully comply with local tax regulations
  • Simplify bookkeeping


For more information or for any questions you may have, please contact:

In Europe: Jean-François BENARD jfbenard@bc-a.com

In the USA: Marc LIEBER m.lieber@bc-a.com


  • Paris, FRANCE
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Berlin, GERMANY
  • Barcelona, SPAIN
  • Casablanca, MOROCCO