- VAT refund -

Exhibitors and Sponsors

BC&A dedicates a full department for exhibitors and sponsors VAT claims.


When exhibiting or sponsoring on congresses, trades and fairs your company can spend a lot of money locally:

-    Exhibiting or sponsoring expenses (booth, advertising)

-    Renting (rooms, audio-video materials)

-    Catering

-    Accommodation

-       …


Generally, you can reclaim VAT that you pay when you buy goods or services for your business. This VAT is also called input tax.

You can reclaim VAT on your purchases regardless of whether the goods or services your business sells are standard, reduced or zero-rated for VAT.

If you are charged VAT on business activities in a country where you are not established, you may be entitled to have it refunded by the authorities in that country.

You just have to send us invoices/receipts of expenses where VAT has been charged.


BC&A takes care of the reclaim process and optimizes the total amount of your recovered VAT:


1.We check invoices, receipts…

2.We handle the correspondence with the tax authorities.

3.We provided you with the estimated amount to be recovered.

4.We provide you with the estimated time to get the money on your bank account.


  • Paris, FRANCE
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Berlin, GERMANY
  • Barcelona, SPAIN
  • Casablanca, MOROCCO